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Conference Series
Digital Discourses

No state, no society, no business, and no individual is untouched by digital transformation. There are more and greater technological and social possibilities than ever before. Communication, education, knowledge production, markets, and work are undergoing deep changes in increasingly shorter cycles. At the same time, new technologies and the emergence of a new economic system evolving from this digital transformation are posing social, ethical and political challenges that need to be explored and negotiated.

While these “great upheavals” of our time are being discussed around the globe, the thematic focus of the discussions and the common viewpoints can vary significantly from society to society and from region to region. With this in mind, Goethe-Institut Indonesien, Center for Digital Society (CfDS), ELSAM, and ICT Watch are conducting a series of mini-conferences in 2019 and 2020 that is aiming to stir a debate about the impact digital transformation has on individuals as well as on economics, politics, society, and the ecology.

Uniting Civil Society Amidst the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to health-based surveillance, restrictions on mobility, and increased activity in the digital realm. These circumstances impact the quality of digital rights. What are the effects of the pandemic in the digital realm?


Total transparency? Privacy in the Age of Data Capitalism

Large parts of our lives are captured in the data trails we leave online. Who tracks them and how are they monetized? Experts from Southeast Asia and Germany discuss data privacy in the digital realm plus concepts of regulation.


Between Freedom and Restriction: Hoaxes and Extremism in the Internet

Fake news, black campaigns, online radicalization, hate speech, content filters: nearly every society in the world has experienced the negative side effects of our hyper-connected, digital communication systems.


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