About us

Goethe-Institut Jakarta Photo: Goethe-Institut Jakarta

The Goethe-Institut Jakarta was founded in 1961. In our language courses, more than 5000 students learn German every year.
The initiative “Schools: Partner for the Future” (PASCH) collaborates with 28 partner schools in Indonesia, where more than 19,000 students learn the German language.
The Goethe-Institut organises and supports events that encourage an exchange between Germans and Indonesians; be it through film festivals and concerts, art exhibitions, readings and discussions, or dance and theatre performances.
The library of the Goethe-Institut Jakarta offers a selection of books, music, films and other media in German language and in translation.
More information about our programmes and activities can be found on our websites, as well as on Facebook and Twitter under GI_Indonesien.