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Wanderlust Küche - Indonesian Culinary PhotographyPhoto (Detail): © Groupe de Jour

Photo Exhibition “Indonesian Culinary Photography”

The photo exhibition “Indonesian Culinary Photography” is part of “Wanderlust Küche – A Culinary Dialogue”, a project initiated by the Goethe-Institut to promote a creative dialogue through German cuisine and the countries of Southeast Asia. The exhibition displays the works of the main winners and nominees of a photo competition that invited participants to showcase traditional Indonesian food and beverages as well as other ingredients or rare, forgotten spices in a photo scene.

A total of 115 Instagram users shared 321 photos on the popular social network, of which the jury consisting of Ahmad Zamroni, Santhi Serad and Wilton Djaya selected 5 main winners and 10 nominees. The photos show the cultural richness of various parts of the Indonesian archipelago through various culinary offerings. The photo by Albertus Vembrianto introduces us to the culinary activities of the people in Timika. When you view the photograph of Ade Armanda, the scent of Aceh spices fills your nostrils, while Vitri Yuliany’s photo lets you feel the warmth of the traditional drink wedang uwuh.

Ng Swan Ti
The curator


Award-Winning Photos

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Wanderlust Küche - Indonesian Culinary Photography Photo (Detail): © Groupe de Jour

Culinary Dialogue

As part of our culinary project „Wanderlust Küche – A Culinary Dialogue“, the Hamburg-based chefs “Werteköche – Chefs with Values” embark on a culinary tour to Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.