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Simon Schwartz Vita Obscura – Life Bizarre

After continuing his comic series Vita Obscura in FAZ magazine from September 2019, 50 of Schwartz’s “incredible biographies” from around the world have now been published, again by avant-verlag, under the title Vita Obscura – Life Bizarre. Schwartz not only draws each life story in a different style, the accompanying texts also reveal his narrative talent. Clearly, a lot of research goes into this undertaking.

Mileva Marić, one of the first women to study mathematics and physics and Albert Einstein’s first wife, is among the more famous personalities Schwartz chose. Then there’s Renato Bialetti, the Italian inventor of the iconic octagonal Moka Express espresso pot. Incidentally, Bialetti’s ashes were buried in an oversized espresso pot at his request.

Schwartz often portrays unknown or forgotten personalities such as the Indian street artist P. K. Mahanandia, who cycled more than 7,000 kilometres in 1977 to propose to his great love in Sweden. The couple still lives together happily today.

Vita Obscura – Life Bizarre © avant-verlag

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Tabletop Games Let the Games begin!

More board and card games are sold in Germany than in any other country. They guarantee fun, variety – and sometimes even divorce: an article about good moods and bad losers.

Let the Games begin! © Adobe

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I really enjoy coming to the Goethe-Institut Jakarta library, particularly to study. It’s a quiet place with excellent facilities and a comfortable temperature. There are so many books to read—I mostly make use of the German as a Foreign Language (DaF) books. Aside from that, there are other awesome things on offer, like playing games and listening to music.

Dealfa Zealita - Member of Goethe-Institut Jakarta Library

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