Franz Kafka

100 years after his death

Why does Franz Kafka’s spell remain unbroken a hundred years after his death? Why do we still perceive Kafka as so modern and contemporary? Because Kafka wrote such beautiful letters? Because we love drama queens? Because we feel that the world has never been more Kafkaesque than it is today? Join us as we step into Kafka’s world! Be Kafka!

Being Kafka Illustration by Roberto Majan


Being Kafka

Comics and graphic novels
Kafka in the realm of comics

Franz Kafka was himself a good illustrator and would surely have enjoyed these comics and graphic novels that were created by comic book artists from different parts of the world and all have one thing in common: the subject of Kafka.

Moritz von Wolzogen: The Aeroplanes at Brescia © Moritz von Wolzogen, published by Nathalia Laue

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