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We foster bilateral cultural exchange programs between Germany and Indonesia. We initiate film series, exhibitions, concerts, seminars and festivals, always with the goal to facilitate artistic production, reception and reflection involving actors from both countries.


Collecting Entanglements and Embodied Histories © Goethe-Institut Indonesien

Collecting Entanglements and Embodied Histories

Aiming to trace stories, counter-histories and absent histories, 'Collecting Entanglements and Embodied Histories' is an ongoing research and exhibition-based project between the collections of Galeri Nasional Indonesia, MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, Nationalgalerie Berlin, and Singapore Art Museum. This project is initiated by the Goethe-Institut in Southeast Asia.


Movements and Moments © Marishka Soekarna

Movements and Moments

The narratives of feminism are still written from a predominantly white, western perspective. While feminist claims and positions from the Global North are, up to this day, sidelined in a patriarchal mainstream, the same holds true to a much broader extent for feminist movements from the Global South.

Bodies of Care © Goethe-Institut Indonesien

Bodies of Care

10 choreographers from Germany and Indonesia invite the audience to explore the connection between dance and care through participation in instructional performances. Bodies of Care was produced in partnership between Goethe-Institut Indonesien and Sasikirana KoreoLAB & Dance Camp and developed together with Melati Suryodarmo and LIGNA.

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Media & Technology

Digital Discourses 2021 © Goethe-Institut

Conference Series
Digital Discourses

Experts from Southeast Asia and Germany discuss the impact of the digital transformation on society, politics and the economy.

Retas Budaya © Dominic Julian / Retas Budaya

Retas Budaya

The Festival connects GLAM institutions (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) to creative minds and tech enthusiasts and results in collaborations and innovations from open cultural data.

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Alur Bunyi © Groupe Dejour

Alur Bunyi

In the series Alur Bunyi, the Goethe-Institut presents and discusses contemporary positions of experimental (not just) electronic music from Indonesia and Germany. This year's edition of Alur Bunyi is curated by Harsya Wahono.

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Literature and Knowledge

Onleihe - Campaign 01 Grafik (detail): © Goethe-Institut

Onleihe: German Digital Library

The Onleihe is Goethe-Institut’s digital library. More than 35,000 German language eBooks, audio books, movies, materials for German language learners, magazines and newspapers are available for downloading from the Onleihe. You can use the Onleihe media on your PC, laptop and mobile devices (Android and iOS). Free of charge. Free of advertisements. Anytime and anywhere. 

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New Arthouse Cinema © Goethe-Institut Indonesien

Arthouse Cinema

Arthouse Cinema 2021 will take place in a new format: the films that are curated by Anggraeni Dwi Widhiasih can be viewed free of charge on the video-on-demand platform provided by Goethe-Institut from June to December 2021. Furthermore, ten newly commissioned film reviews expand the range of the series.

Science Film Festival Indonesia’s participants during a science experiment titled “Save the Coin”. The photo was taken in 2019 before the pandemic. Given the current situation, the Science Film Festival Indonesia will be held virtually, reaching various Indonesian cities, on 12.10 – 30.11.2021. © Goethe-Institut Indonesien

Science Film Festival

is a celebration of science communication in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America: In cooperation with local partners it promotes science literacy and facilitates awareness of contemporary scientific, technological and environmental issues through international films with accompanying educational activities.

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Feminismus Prinzessin Empowerment Foto: irina_levitskaya © fotolia.com

Feminism Today – The Five Most Important Questions

What are the vital issues that women and feminists in Germany today consider to be of burning importance, what are they concerned about? And what else is there still to do? This is a showcase of people who are involved in the field of culture and who are dealing with the hottest feminist issues and debates of the moment.

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