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Our projects

Monumen Antroposen © Monumen Antroposen

A work full of meaning
"Monumen Antroposen"

is an activist collective art project and think tank promoting the circular economy, bringing together artists, scientists, environmental activists and people from all walks of life concerned with environmental issues and focused on processing used materials and waste treatment systems.

Visual Unearthing Visualizes Air Quality Using Open Data © CC-BY-SA 4.0 Mikko Agustin

Visual Unearthing

What impact did the Corona Lockdown have on environmental values in South Asian metropolises? Goethe-Institut Indonesia has analytically investigated this question.

Kota Kita Nanti © Goethe-Institut Bandung

"Kota Kita Nanti"

How can public design and urban practice inspire us to change our daily practices and structures? How can we build multidisciplinary networks to exchange ideas, skills and knowledge in our city?

In exchange with nature

Urban life

Sustainable Economy