Alur Bunyi - 2023 - Goethe-Institut Indonesia

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Alur Bunyi

Welcome to Goethe-Institut Indonesia’s principal music program that showcased novel collaborations and experimentations by emerging and established talents. Surviving through the precarious situation within the last three years, Alur Bunyi keeps thriving in its 7th years of existence...

Alur Bunyi 2023

Festival Alur Bunyi 2023 © Goethe-Institut Indonesia / Each Other Company

Festival Alur Bunyi

In its highly anticipated second year, Festival Alur Bunyi returns with a resounding celebration of local talents and a mission to break boundaries between musical genres. After a successful inaugural season last year, this open-to-all and free-of-charge festival continues to captivate audiences, elevating the vibrant music scene to new heights.

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Elizabeth Soegiharto