Where the Wild Tunes Are © Tobias Schrank

The Melt Festival promises its visitors a whole new world, far from the barriers of everyday life. On a unique site, a clever mix of guitar pop, experimental R&B, and electronics is offered.

  • Bühne Dragqueen Melt © Michal Murawski für ishootmusic

    Colourful Melt

  • Dj Pult © Marc Prodanovic

    Long nights at the Melt: Mall Grab

  • Park Hye Jin plays at the Melt © Marc Prodanovic

    Park Hye Jin at the Melt

  • Menge beim Melt © Catherina Rocio @catherinarocio

    Celebrating (with Ernie) against the industrial backdrop

  • Tanzende auf dem Melt © Catherina Rocio @catherinarocio


  • Entspannte Stimmung am See © Janis Trau

    Relaxed atmosphere at the lake.

  • Go Melt! © Nicola Rehbein/Jen Krause

    Go Melt!

The festival launched by the now defunct music magazine Intro is both cosmopolitan and accessible. The former lignite mining site Golpa-Nord, now called Ferropolis, is home to massive old cranes from the mining era as well as the Gremming, an artificial lake created by the mining process, on whose beach the campground for Melt is located. At night, very effectively illuminated, the spectacular backdrop of the old mining installations has an irresistible industrial charm, which, combined with the huge lake and its beach, has a magical fascination for thousands of party people from all over Germany.

The Melt is an all-round experience tailored precisely to its target group. The booking staff strives to get the hottest names, but at the same time tries to maintain its authenticity through a clever mix of musical genres. The big and upcoming names from indie rock, hip hop, and R&B offered during the day and evening give way to electronic dance music later at night, for a thoroughly choreographed festival calendar for the mostly urban audience. A change from the daily festival routine is offered especially by the beach on the magnificent lake, right by the campground.
@ Melt Festival
@ Melt Festival

Melt in Numbers

Genre: Indie-Pop, Alternative, Electronic, R&B
Founded: 1997
Place: Ferropolis
Capacity: 20.000
Next event: June 10-12, 2022