Bundestagswahl 2021

Federal Election 2021 Illustration (detail): © Goethe-Institut e.V.

When German citizens cast their vote in the parliamentary elections on September 26, 2021, they will not only elect a new government and a new chancellor. Beyond Germany and the EU, the outcome is expected to have repercussions for the transatlantic relationship as well. Would you like to teach the German parliamentary elections in Fall, but don`t know where to start? This dossier prepares you to teach by providing background information, professional development trainings, virtual study tours, special language courses, instruction materials for your German or social science/civics/government classroom, educational programs, competitions and virtual exchanges for your students. 

Input by Experts

Online Seminars
Professional Development Trainings
Virtual Study Tours 
Video Interviews 
Special Language Courses
Educator Exchanges 
Virtual Visits in Your Classroom

Student Engagement

Transatlantic Student Exchanges

Bundestagwahl with U-Häppchen

The German parliamentary elections will take place on September 26, 2021. How many parties can Germans vote for and what is `limited term office`? U-Häppchen, are interactive PDFs that cover contemporary topics in the German speaking world combined with authentic, student-oriented tasks. Published every month for German beginner students in Middle-/High Schools (level A1-A2). Download Interactive PDF Bundestagswahl 2021

Instruction Materials

Interactive Materials for the Virtual Classroom 
Instruction Materials for Transatlantic Student Exchanges 
Wahl-o-mat: Election Simulation, Election Candidates, Party Profiles 

Background Information and Handouts

The German Electoral System
The German Federal Government
Germany`s Multiparty Political System

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