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Fridays for Future 2.0

Fridays for Future © Goethe-Institut

To make Generation - Z, the responsible citizens of the global village, we organised the project „Fridays For Future 2.0" once again after the huge success of „Fridays For Future 2020". 

Design our future

Did you know that the cheesy Pizza that you savour so much is not so kind to our environment? Do you think of the environmental hazards to which your latest gadget contributes? Do you understand the meanings of energy saver ratings given on every electronic appliance that you buy? If your answer to these questions is negative, it is time that you need to peep in and retrospect on your ecological behaviour.

In order to sensitize the students to the topic of sustainability and to give them tips for sustainable behaviour, we organised workshops for them: plastics, mobility, the ecological footprint and much more. There was something for everyone.


Fridays For Future 2020


Shilpa Sharma

Shilpa Sharma
Project Manager, Educational Services
Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi