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Learning German with Music

The Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan again represents the German band RAGGABUND (www.raggabund.de) in South Asian countries such as Nepal, Dhaka and in various cities in India from 27th August to 10th September 2018. For over a decade, RAGGABUND, a band of four Musicians, has been inspiring their fans with a mix of offbeat, dancehall and cumbia muffin. The first album of RAGGABUND “ERSTE WELT” is considered as a landmark in early German reggae.
We are sure that the participating students are going to enjoy live concerts of RAGGABUND, as the band shows a beautiful combination of their music with everyday topics, political messages and especially a positive approach to life in their songs. We are excited to see our students singing and dancing along with the band. Are you equally excited to witness their performance? Do you like reggae music? Do you want to know more about RAGGABUND?
On our website below, you can read more about RAGGABUND, see 10 exclusive song videos (they are going to perform along with 10 more songs), their lyrics along with some teaching material and details of the competition. Have fun!

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Raggabund in Südasien © Raggabund

The Tour is about to start
Raggabund in South Asia

Raggabund on Tour in South Asia Goethe-Institut / Raggabund

Stopps and Concerts on Youtube
Raggabund on Tour in South Asia

Interview with Raggabund ©Raggabund

The Interview with the Band

The German band Raggabund is soon going to rock various cities in Pakistan, Sri-Lanka and India. Where do the band members get an inspiration for reggae music? When did they start to make music? How did they come to the name ‘Raggabund’?  What does music mean to them? How was their experience with the German students on their musical tour in Vietnam and South-America organized by the Goethe-Institut? In an Interview, both the brothers Don Caramelo and Paco Mendoza share with us their love for Music and their journey of coming together and forming Raggabund.


Didactical Material