Thank Goethe It's Friday
A series of webinars

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TGIF- A series of webinars, where the top trending themes for pedagogical Trends 2021 shall be addressed by the subject experts, started on 19.02.2021.

As the name goes one Friday every month would be made interesting for the school principals teaching German in North India and Nepal. The webinar series welcomes school leaders to choose a field of interest to them and their students and join us for a rendezvous on the given Fridays as per the program.  

What more to expect: The new academic year is going to throw many challenges at our school leaders. Keeping the needs of our educators as per the changing times in mind and in accordance with the adaptations expected in the curriculum under New Education Policy, Thank Goethe its Friday has upcoming webinars on the topics such as:
  • STEM Clubs
  • Implementation of Vocational Training in schools 
  • Studying and working in Germany.


The webinar series opens with the welcome address by Mr.Thomas Gödel, Director Language Programmes South Asia/ Deputy Executive Director, Goethe Institut, New Delhi.

Mr.Philipp von Ritter, Counsellor, Head of Science and Technology Section, German Embassy graced the event as a guest speaker for the first webinar on 19.02.21 and extended his support to the participants.

Dr.Maria Steinmetz, Specialist, STEM Vocabulary in GFL Lessons was the workshop expert for the second webinar in the series „Thank Goethe Ist Friday“.

With years of experience and subject matter expertise behind her, she could guide our school principals to the ways of establishment of STEM Clubs in schools.

Her interesting observations and thoughtful insights on the topic were not only of great value but also of prime usage in the new academic year.

Goethe-Institut extends support to all the private schools offering German as a subject and establishing STEM clubs for students.

If your school is interested in availing this support, please write to us at

The third webinar of the series was conducted by Ms.Isabell Jenninger, Head – DUALpro & ProRecognition from Indo-German Chamber of Commerce. The focus was on the following points:  
  • Career prospects for (under) graduates from India
  • Apprenticeship professions of the future
  • Vocational training and orientation to subjects such as artificial intelligence, hotel management, business administration, etc.
  • Support for the recognition of degrees on the part of IGCC / Pro Recognition.
The webinar witnessed a spirited response from the participating principals and was appreciated by one and all present. 

FULDA University of Applied Sciences conducted the fourth webinar in this series and addressed – Transitions, Motives and Career Prospects in Germany.

The presenter Mr. Marco Krinowski, International Marketing Manager from the University of Fulda emphasized with which aspects a study can be selected, which decisions already play a role in the school years and how the transition from school to university happens at FULDA.

Furthermore he presented the offers of the Fulda University of Applied Sciences and the Career opportunities the "applied sciences" approach opens up.

The Co-presenter Ms. Deepica Sachdeva also explained her personal career motives and the decision-making processes.

To guide our students regarding their future prospects well in detail, we invited Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences for conducting the fifth webinar in the series.

The Info –session was conducted by Ms.Daniela Fleuren, HOD-International Relations and Languages. She gave the audiences updates regarding the different programs offered by the university and the admission procedure through Studienkolleg.

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi is also an examination center partner for the University and the digital entrance Exam for the winter and summer semesters are conducted also in our premises twice a year.