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Laboratory of the Future

Laboratory of the Future is a creative research/experimentation program/residency leading to a cultural event/festival in 2021 with the goal to address new questions and themes that emerged as a result of the Corona Pandemic and finding creative solutions and new artistic formats that can be realized within the new situation faced.

The Corona-Crisis has led to a new reality that prevented us from continuing our way to work and live as we used to. Travels and physical encounters were restricted or became impossible and economic constraints created hardships and reduced room for action. The new situation also shifted social priorities and posed new questions about the role and necessity of arts and cultural events.

On the one hand, in a time of social isolation, many people realized the importance of arts for our own well-being. On the other hand economic and financial constraints posed new questions about the necessity of spending money on arts when people are struggling to meet their basic needs.

What role should arts and cultural events play in this new reality? With what kind of new questions is the cultural sector confronted and need to respond to? What kind of new cultural formats need to be developed?

This project aims to create room for experimentation and for finding creative solutions that respond to the new realities  we are facing. It brings nine cultural practitioners and artists from various backgrounds together to think out of the box and experiment with different possibilities that are needed in order to realize cultural events in the age of the “New Normal”.


Safi Sakran @goethe-institut amman

Arda Aslanian @Goethe-Institut Amman

Samer Betar @goethe-institut amman

Sama Shahrouri @Goethe-Institut Amman

Aya Shaban @Goethe-Institut Amman

Ruba Hijazi @Goethe-Institut Amman

Paola Farran @Goethe-Institut Amman

Aya Al Obaidi @Goethe-Institut Amman

Aladdin Rahmeh @Goethe-Institut Amman