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ArtEvolution 2022

ArtEvolution is designed to provide a young generation of artists and cultural practitioners in and around the field of performing arts with an adequate pedagogical and critical infrastructure to pursue their artistic practices. 

ArtEvolution is a project of the Ta'ziz partnership. As part of this, the Goethe-Institut would like to promote civil society actors in the MENA region through cultural and educational projects together with local partner organizations.

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At a critical juncture for Lebanon and its cultural scene, ArtEvolution, a project of the Goethe-Institut Libanon supported by the German Federal Foreign Office, aims to provide a space for the development of an activist, socially committed and at the same time reflective artistic production. It also seeks to support collaborative structures within the cultural scene, in which knowledge can be shared, experiences exchanged and impulses passed on. ArtEvolution will run from spring 2022 to fall 2022: a short-term residency, a five months reflection time, a series of public round-tables and mentro sessions, a performance festival excursion to Germany as well as the final presentation of the artist’s works.
As of April 2022, emerging artists and practitioners working in or with practices revolving around the performing arts, are invited to submit applications with a project in development, whether at an initial or advanced stage. Eight participants are selected to take part in the programme, during which they are accompanied through the project development process by established cultural practitioners in the corresponding fields while putting their projects into practice and with the support of a project grant. The programme is structured as follows:
ArtEvolution Workshop, scheduled at Hammana Artist House at the beginning of the programme, aims to develop competencies for the successful conception and implementation of projects. This short-term residency will be underpinned by an intensive seminar programme focusing on collaborative and inclusive working methods, which will be led by external trainers.
ArtEvolution Reflection, a five months period of contemplation in which participants receive funding in order to advance their projects. It thus supports the participants to focus on their artistic practices by providing necessary time and resources.
ArtEvolution Impulse, a series of round tables to which project participants, the general public and established practitioners with their enriching experience will be invited. The conversations will provide an opportunity to discuss processes of social transformation on the one-hand and culture-specific (re)action possibilities on the other.
ArtEvolution Platform, a public platform that will be set up for the participants to present their work in various formats (such as staged reading, lecture performances, work-in-progress performances, etc.).
ArtEvolution Exchange, in addition to the support of a local cultural network, ArtEvolution strives to establish transnational cooperation between the Lebanese and German cultural actors and institutions in the field of performing arts by creating opportunities for mutual exchange. If possible - regarding pandemic related travel restrictions, the participants will be invited to attend a dance-theatre festival in Germany, where participation in events, network-meetings and discussions with experts in the field of performing arts are to be scheduled.  
 A project of the Goethe-Institut and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.





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