Masterclass participants © Marie Waarlo
Participants Masterclass © Goethe-Institut Sri Lanka

Seed Grant Projects

Meet the participants of the Masterclass and their projects which were developed during the field trips and were edited and discussed in the Masterclass.
Seed grant project of Ramanathan Parilojithan © Ramanathan Parilojithan


Ramanathan Parilojithan utilized his seed grant to shed light on garbage and medical waste being dumped in and along the lagoons of Batticaloa.

Sead grant project of Tashiya de Mel © Tashiya de Mel


Tashiya de Mel's photo series aims to explore humanity's intimate yet, complex relationship with water. 

Seed grant project of Sandranathan Rubatheesan © Sandranathan Rubatheesan


Sandranathan Rubatheesan, participant of the Humanity & Earth photo project used the seed grant he received to explore the relationship between humans and nature and how the environment is heavily affected by the increasing demand of human needs.

 Seed grant project of Munira Mutaher and Shehan Obeysekera © Munira Mutaher & Shehan Obeysekera


Together with Shehan Obeysekera Munira Mutaher explored what is it to live in a village by the very edge of a montane forest, in synchrony with the natural world.

Seed grant project of Tilaxan Tharmapalan © Tilaxan Tharmapalan


Tilaxan Tharmapalan's visual research on “Wounds” illustrates how people are physically and mentally affected and how the war has devastated human life, nature and environment.

Seed grant project of Munira Mutaher and Shehan Obeysekera © Munira Mutaher & Shehan Obeysekera

Shehan Obeysekera

Shehan Obeysekera's series is an attempt to capture the essence of life hidden in the layers of mundanity of a village at the forested borders of the Knuckles mountain range in the central hills of Sri Lanka.