Lending Service

Registration for the online library catalogue

In the online library catalogue you can browse titles around the clock and get an overview of the books, CDs, DVDs, magazines and electronic resources that are held in our library.

If you have a library membership, you can also use your account to log in to the online catalogue. The personalized use of the OPAC offers the following advantages:

  • View the titles you are borrowing, including the due date.
  • Extend the loan period of your library items.
  • View fees which are due or have been paid.
  • Inform the library of items you would like the library to acquire for its collection.
  • Comment on titles.
  • View of titles you’ve previously borrowed.

What is required for registration in the online catalogue?

To use the personalized features of our online catalogue you need a library membership and you need to be registered with Mein

Here are three simple steps to start up your personalized use of the catalogue.

Questions or problems with your log-in? Contact us at any time!

You can find out about library membership on our website. However, you can also visit the library in person. If you are already a member of the library, you can proceed directly to step 2.
If you have not already registered on Mein, you can now easily do so online. Your log-in data from Mein will be used for the log-in for the online catalogue. In addition, you can also use all of the Goethe-Institut’s other personalised online services for language, cultural and the library with your Mein account.

If you have already registered on Mein, you do not have to register again. Please go directly to step 3.
In order to activate your account, the library team needs to have the same email address with which you registered with Mein Please fill in the registration form and send it to the library.

After you submit the form, the library will inform you as soon as you have activated your online library catalogue account. Usually activation is completed within two working days.

Registration form OPAC use

In order to enable you to use OPAC, we need the information below. Please fill in the form and click on "Send".

Please enter the email address with which you registered with Mein

You can find your library ID number on your library user card.

Please activate my account for the online catalog.

* required