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Our library is a free public place for everyone. Here you can read, work, watch German movies, get inspired and meet new people.

Bibliothek © Goethe-Institut Thailand / Photos: Supachai Saingam

The Goethe-Institut Library has such a wide range of materials. Not knowing German isn’t a problem at all. I don't know any German, but I love borrowing stuff from the library, especially CDs, graphic novels, and photography books. Of course, what I like the most is being able to take the waffle maker home and then telling everyone there that you can borrow kitchen appliances from the library!

Wittamon Niwattichai - lecturer in the Chulalongkorn CommeDe program, artist, and co-founder of Witti Studio.

Wittamon Niwattichai © Wittamon Niwattichai

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