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Our library is a free public place for everyone. Here you can read, work, watch German movies, get inspired and meet new people.

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“The Library is not just about books, but also a rare free public space for people to interact. The size is about right which created accessible strategies for wider group of attendees i.e. children to adult. I personally like the integrated parts between books, multimedia, magazine and materials, these help created the feeling of a place for both individual and family. It is clear that the necessity of selections are Germany oriented, and I gained in-depth knowledge about history, politics especially arts from here. My son also enjoys multimedia every weekend. His German vocabularies has been significantly improving due to the varieties of picture dictionaries that he has been borrow it home. The selections are adequately broad enough and well curated, but not too much. It is about right. I have been recommending many libraries, schools to visit the Goethe’s Library to see how well the space, selections, new ideas and technology are perfectly blended if they like to repositioning their libraries to be more attractive in terms of qualities, usages, and outcomes.”

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