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A group of Thai pupils with a German teacherPhoto (detail): Goethe-Institut Thailand

Our commitment to German

The Goethe-Institut is committed to the German language worldwide.

Find out about initiatives and programs that will enable you to network with other learners of German in Thailand and around the world, and pave your way to Germany.

Key Visual: Stylized illustration of a globe, claim Network Climate © Goethe-Institut, Groupe Dejour

Network Climate

In early August 2022, more than 30 young German learners and German teachers from six countries in Southeast Asia came to Thailand to develop ideas that could solve very specific environmental problems in their city or school. This exchange took place within the framework of the regional project "Netzwerk Klima", through which the educational activities of the Goethe-Institut Thailand were linked to sustainability issues.

Studierende lernen gemeinsam © fotolia/Foto: Jacob Lund

Study and vocational training (Ausbildung) in Germany

Germany is a center of attraction for young people from all over the world who want to qualify themselves for a profession and gain work experience there. No matter whether you want to study or do an apprenticeship: We show you here what opportunities you have.

Studierende lernen gemeinsam © fotolia/Foto: Jacob Lund


Germany is one of the three most popular places to study for foreign students. The Goethe-Institut’s Studienbrücke programme is specifically designed to prepare students from abroad wishing to embark directly on a course of study in Germany.

Alumniportal Deutschland Photo: Alumniportal Deutschland

Alumniportal Deutschland

Alumniportal Deutschland is a social network to promote networking between alumni of Germany, companies, universities and organisations.

“Schools: Partners for the Future” (PASCH) initiative © Kai Uwe Oesterhellweg

"Schulen: Partner der Zukunft" initiative

PASCH schools with a particular link to Germany. The Goethe-Institut acts as mentor to around 550 PASCH schools in the national education systems of over 100 countries.

Der Weg nach Deutschland © Goethe-Institute Thailand

Living and working in Germany

Are you planning on moving to Germany? What are the necessary steps? What’s the best way to prepare yourself? In cooperation with the AMIF (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union), the Goethe-Institut offers various events, up-to-date information and individual answers related to the subject of migration to Germany.

Gain teaching experiences in Thailand through German Assistants Program Photo (detail): © Goethe-Institut Thailand

German Assistants Program

German assistants offer Thai students glimpses into German culture not found in any textbooks. We interlace this valuable motivation for learning German with the possibility for prospective German teachers to immerse in Thai school system for 3 months and concurrently acquire work experiences.