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Paper in Motion© Goethe-Institut Thailand/ Napat Pattarayanond

Paper in Motion

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About the Exhibition

This exhibition is the summary of a seven-week project re-imagining the work of influential 20th-century artists including Henri Matisse, Wassily Kandinsky, Mark Rothko, and Brigit Riley; and leading contemporary artists-in particular Yayoi Kusama, Sophie Smallhorn, and Sean Foley. Student work has been developed into handmade mobiles using technique and materials informed by Kinetic artist Alexander Calder. Other supporting learning materials are developed using sketches, drawing, prototyping, and design processes.

Paper in Motion has been generously supported by the donation of the Colorplan paper collection by G.F Smith (sponsored by Shine Co Ltd), learning resources from the Goethe-Institut Library, which the students visited to develop their research.
This project investigates the conversation between art, science, engineering, and design through making and doing. If design is a discussion in time and space - this is a chance to dream.

CommDe’s Materials and Processes in Drawing and Making course is co-ordinated by Ajarn Wittamon Niwattichai with teaching support from Ajarns Eiji Sumi and Graham Newman.

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