Translation grant programme

Goethe-Institut translation funding Foto: © Goethe-Institut Budapest

The Goethe-Institut’s grant programme “Translations of German Books into Other Languages” supports non-German publishers in publishing German-language literature, with the aim of making accessible to non-German speaking readers current works of contemporary literature, literature for children and young people, important academic titles and non-fiction works.

The programme serves cultural policy goals and is an important guiding instrument for cultural and educational foreign policy.

In the nearly 40 years of its existence, the programme has provided financial support for the publication of approximately 6000 books in 45 languages.

The Goethe-Institut in your country will evaluate your application. If it approves your application it will send its recommendation to the headquarters of the Goethe-Institut in Munich. There a committee will decide on the sum to be granted.

The committee meets four times a year as follows:
  • Beginning of February: application deadline: 1 December
  • End of April: application deadline: 1 March
  • End of July: application deadline: 1 June
  • Beginning of November: application deadline: 15 September
Applications for non-fiction and academic works will only be considered in February and July committee meetings.
  1. Applications only by publishers: Only non-German publishers are eligible to apply.
  2. German works published in print form: The Goethe-Institut supports the translation of works by German authors which have been published in print form by a German language publisher. 
  3. Translation from German original: The translation must be made from the original German-language text. 
  4. Publication date: Translations are only eligible for support if they have not yet gone to press at the point when the grant contract is signed. 
  5. Partial covering of translation costs: In cases where an application for a translation grant is successful, the Goethe-Institut contributes part of the translation costs to the publisher, payable on publication of the translated work. It is not envisaged that the Goethe-Institut will finance the full costs of the translation or printing or editorial costs.
  6. Printing of a credit line and Goethe-Institut's logo: The publisher of the translation must name the Goethe-Institut as sponsor in the book’s imprint and must reproduce the Goethe-Institut logo. If this requirement is not met, the Goethe-Institut reserves the right to withhold payment of the grant. 
  7. Translator's fee: If a grant is awarded, only such translation fees as will already have been paid to the translator by the time of publication may be taken into account when the amount of the grant is being determined. 
  8. E-books of translations in the Onleihe: The Goethe-Institut would like to make translations that are published with an additional e-book version available in its Onleihe (an eLibrary) so that its registered users have access to it. The publisher commits itself to providing an ePub format of the translation to the Goethe-Institut.

Sponsored Translation

แวร์เธ่อร์ระืืทม แวร์เธ่อร์ระทม | © Kobfai Publishing Project
Original title: Die Leiden des jungen Werther
Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Translated by:Thanomnuan O' charoen
Publisher: Kobfai Publishing Project
ISBN: 9787798719

คนวัดโลก คนวัดโลก | © Circle Publishing
Original title: Die Vermessung der Welt
Author: Daniel Kehlmann
Translated by: Janejira Seeriyotin
Publisher: Circle Publishing
ISBN: 9789745826175

ชายหนุ่มผู้ถอนตัวจากโลก ชายหนุ่มผู้ถอนตัวจากโลก | © Circle Publishing
Original title: Herr Jensen steigt aus
Author: Jakob Hein
Translated by: Athikom Seangchai
Publisher: Circle Publishing
ISBN: 9786167290089

สูตรไส้กรอก สูตรไส้กรอก | © Writer
Original title: Die Entdeckung der Currywurst
Author: Uwe Timm
Translated by: Chalit Durongphan
Publisher: Writer Publishing
ISBN: 9786167751613

ลมหายใจที่ขาดห้วง ลมหายใจที่ขาดห้วง | © Nanmeebooks
Original title: Atemschaukel
Author: Herta Müller
Translated by: Asst. Prof Dr. Anchalee Topeonpong
Publisher: Nanmeebooks
ISBN: 9786160421718

อาชญากรรม อาชญากรรม | © Rahaskhadee Publishing
Original title: Verbrechen
Author: Ferdinand von Schirach
Translated by: Choedchawee Saengchandr
Publisher: Rahassakadee Publishing
ISBN: 9789742112516

โยเซฟีเนอ นักร้องสาวหรือประชากรหนูและเรื่องสั้นคัดสรรอื่น ๆ โยเซฟีเนอ นักร้องสาวหรือประชากรหนูและเรื่องสั้นคัดสรรอื่น ๆ | © Library House
Original title: Josefine, die Sängering oder Das Volk der Mäuse und andere Kurzgeschichten
Author: Franz Kafka
Translated by: Thanomnuan O' charoen
Publisher: Library House
ISBN: 9786169246251

จดหมายถึงพ่อ จดหมายถึงพ่อ | © Library House
Original title: Brief an den Vater
Author: Franz Kafka
Translated by: Thanomnuan O' charoen
Publisher: Library House
ISBN: 9786168123034

(ช่วยอ่านสักนิด) นิยายวรรณกรรม (ช่วยอ่านสักนิด) นิยายวรรณกรรม | © Bookmoby Press
Original title: Einen Blick werfen
Author: Joachim Zelter
Translated by: Janejira Seeriyotin
Publisher: Bookmoby Press
ISBN: 9786168123027

คดีโคลลินี คดีโคลลินี | © Rahaskhadee Publishing
Original title: Der Fall Collini
Author: Ferdinand von Schirach
Translated by: Choedchawee Saengchandr
Publisher: Rahassakadee Publishing
ISBN: 9789742112622

อเมริคา (ชายผู้สาบสูญ) อเมริคา (ชายผู้สาบสูญ) | © Library House
Original title: Amerika (Der Der Verschollene)
Author: Franz Kafka
Translated by: Thanomnuan O' charoen
Publisher: Library House
ISBN: 9786168123119