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The title Kulturama.digital is shown against a blue-white-orange background including the following objects: glasses, an eye and a mouth.Illustration: Tobias Schrank © Goethe-Institut

International Livestreams

Kulturama brings international culture into your living room: house concerts live from Buenos Aires, puppet theatre from the kitchen or live acts from the Berlin club scene. Organisers enter their events and open them to international audiences. Spectators can find dates and support artists with donations.

Culture and Society

Sound of X © Goethe-Institut / Photo: Benny Suhendra Panjaitan / Design: Groupe Dejour

Listen Closely
Sound of X

How can we reconnect with the spaces we live in, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic? The artists of Sound of X propose answers as they explored their sonic environment. The resulting video soundscapes offer a unique experience of our cities.

DD Thai Eng © Goethe-Institut Jakarta

Digital Discourses

Large parts of our lives are captured in the data trails we leave online. Who tracks them and how are they monetized? Experts discuss data privacy in the digital realm plus concepts of regulation.  

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In focus

Goethe liest! © Goethe-Institut Thailand

Goethe liest! (Goethe reads!)

#GoetheLiest (Goethe Reads) is a project that was conceived by the libraries of the Goethe-Institut in the Region SAN (Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand). We present a series of video clips introducing books available in German which will awake local and regional interest. Whether near or far, you can enjoy our witty content from your smart phone screen.

Science Film Festival © iStock Sarayut

Science Film Festival 2020

In cooperation with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the festival aims to expand the conversation on the issues central to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through an international selection of films on science, technology and the environment.

Open Air Kino 2021 @ Flare Film

Open Air Kino 2021

The Goethe-Institut Thailand together with the Austrian and Swiss Embassy in Bangkok present the latest highlights of German language cinema.

Every Tuesday at 19:00 hrs., Goethe-Institut Thailand, free admission!