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45 Seconds of Solidarity
Cut it Out – Films against Censorship

Renowned Filmmakers from 20 countries around the globe produce films against censorship. Each film is 45 seconds long and sends a clear sign of solidarity to those living in countries with limited freedom of speech, while at the same time pointing out the risks of censorship endangering even liberal societies today.

In focus

Wanderlust Küche © Groupe Dejour

Wanderlust Küche

Nothing connects people from different backgrounds as much as a pleasurable meal. With this in mind, the Goethe-Institutes of Southeast Asia are bringing the countries of the region together around the table. During the course of November 2018, the project Wanderlust Küche - A Culinary Dialogue will unite Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand under the motto Tables without Borders. The project stages numerous events centring on the topic of culinary art and tradition.

Science Film Festival 2019

Science Film Festival 2019

In 2019, the event takes place internationally in over 20 countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa from October 07 to December 23. ​

Library of Things © Napat Pattrayanond

Library of Things

Would you like to bake German bread and enjoy the taste of fresh home-made waffles but feel stuck because you have no recipe, no bread baking machine or waffle maker? No problem! Our library now offers all of these things with much more.