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Mr. Bachmann and His Class

Mr. Bachmann and His Class© Madonnen Film

March 11 - 31, 2022

Runtime: 217 min
Age Rating: 0
Genre: Documentary
Director: Maria Speth

The Berlinale award-winning documentary „Herr Bachmann und seine Klasse“ (Mr. Bachmann and His Class) illustrates the relationship between a teacher and the students of his 6th grade class in Hesse. Twelve different nationalities, social and cultural backgrounds, and personalities reside in this class. However, they are all facing the same important transition into secondary school.

Mr. Bachmann meets them with openness as well as understanding, and tries to create a space for exchange and tolerance within the classroom. Through new pedagogical methods, such as music, for example, which transcend cultural and social differences, new connections are created.

The documentary tells the story of an extraordinary teacher who turns diversity into strength and of a class that is representative of a small West German industrial town marked by migration.
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