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Measuring the World

Measuring the World© 2012 Warner Bros. Ent

February 18 – March 10, 2022

Germany, Austria, 2012
Length: 119 mins.
Direction: Detlev Buck
Age rating: 12
Genre: Adventure
Director: Detlev Buck

Alexander von Humboldt and Carl Friedrich Gauss meet for the first time as children. They could not be more different. Von Humboldt is a nobleman, related to the duke, and a permanent guest at court. He wants to see the world, but his rich mother won't allow him. Gauss comes from the poorest of backgrounds, but he is a mathematical genius and receives a scholarship from the Duke.

Many years later, both set out on their own, again very different ways, to discover the world, and to measure it. After his mother's death, von Humboldt travelled the world, fought his way through the dense jungles of South America, met indigenous people and climbed glaciers. Gauss preferred to stay at home and tinker with mathematical formulas that changed science. Yet the two characters, so different from each other, are bound together by their irrepressible curiosity and insatiable spirit of research. Much later in life, the two intellectuals meet once again in Berlin.
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