Film Herbert (A Heavy Heart)

A Heavy Heart © DEPARTURES Film & deutschfilm

Tuesday, 23rd May, 19.00 Hrs.

Saturday, 27th May, 21.30 Hrs.

Paragon Cineplex

Direction: Thomas Stuber
Length: 109 min.
Starring: Peter Kurth, Lina Wendel, Edin Hasanovic       
Germany, 2015

Herbert is a 50-year-old ex-boxing champ, living in the east German city of Leipzig. Although his heyday is long past, Herbert is still of strong build and able to earn a living with his fists. The wounds and tattoos on his muscular body bear witness to the fights he lost and won. He now makes ends meet by training young boxers and working as a doorman and debt collector, breaking noses and beating people up whenever necessary. When he is eventually diagnosed with the fatal disease ALS, Herbert’s illness and reconciliation with his long-neglected family challenge him to his very last fight.