Film Fritz Lang

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Thursday, 25th May at 19.00 Hrs.

Paragon Cineplex

Director: Gordian Maugg
Length: 104min
Starring: Heino Ferch, Christoph Bertram, Samuel Finzi
Germany, 2016

In 1929, during the premiere of his science-fiction film “Woman in the Moon”, Fritz Lang (Heino Ferch) was already thinking hard about a theme for his next film. In the newspaper, he read about a serial killer who was branded “the Düsseldorf vampire” for the atrocious, sadistic crimes he committed. In order to follow and be involved in the investigation work, Lang made use of his connections to Chief Inspector Gennat (Thomas Thieme). When the Düsseldorf vampire, Peter Kürten, is finally arrested, Lang is granted privileged access to his prison cell. These first encounters mark the beginning of the script writing for“M”.