Film screening Open Air Kino 2024 in Chiang Mai

OPEN AIR KINO 2024 © Goethe-Institut Thailand

January 19 - 21, 2024

Laan Sang Keet – Ang Keaw, Chiang Mai University

A bit of drama, a bit of humor and a twist of sci-fi romance - ready for the Open Air Kino 2024?

The beloved format is making a stop in Chiang Mai. Between 19 – 21 January, the Ang Keow green will transform into a cozy open air cinema with the latest hits of German cinema under the open sky, open for all, for free!

Pick your film here:

19 January, 18:00 Hrs. | Orphea in Love

20 January, 19:00 Hrs. | Skin Deep (“Aus Meiner Haut“)

21 January, 19:00 Hrs. | Generation Commitment Phobia (“Generation Beziehungsunfähig”)