Blaenk minds © Somprathana Wapiwanon

March 18, 2017 from 21:00 Hrs.
March 24, 2017 from 21:00 Hrs.

CAMP | Chiang Mai

Music meets visual art

Audiovisual DJing? The Berlin based DJ-duo Blaenk Minds is going to show you what this is about at the event “BLÆNK MINDS: Music meets visual art” hosted by the Goethe-Institut Thailand. The event will take place in Bangkok on March 18 at LIVE @RCA from 9 PM (feat. DJ Pichy - Quay Records) and in Chiang Mai at Take it Club on March 24 from 9 PM until late.

Blaenk Minds will turn a usual club evening into something very special: Unlike many other DJs, they produce an own video for every single track they play with the collaboration of most diverse artists. Just like the light in the club, these videos are dark and flashy. They are protected on eye-level and are supposed to create a special atmosphere in the club which sparks the desire to dance and to party. The gigs are the last part of a workshop which takes place in Bangkok from March 14 - 17 and in Chiang Mai from March 21 - 24, 2017. During this workshop young artists will have the possibility to create their own music video for free. You can convince yourself of the results at the respective gig. It’s going to be a unique evening - for sure!