Film screening When Paul came over the Sea

When Paul came over the Sea © Weydemann Bros., Juan C. Sarmiento Grisales

June 27, 2018 at 18:00 Hrs. | Doc Club Theater, Ware House 30

June 29, 2018: Goethe-Institut (19:00 Hrs.) |
Chiang Mai University Art Center, Theater (18:00 Hrs.)

Documentary, 101 min, colour
Director: Jakob Preuss
With Paul Nkamani

Paul Nkamani makes his way from his native Cameroon through the Sahara to the Moroccan coast. Here he meets the filmmaker Jakob Preuss, who is on a research trip along Europe's external borders. Shortly after they get to know each other, Paul is offered one of the coveted places on a dinghy to Europe. He does not suspect the tragic end this will take. On his journey to a "better world" half of his fellow travellers perish. Paul and a few others survive. When Preuss sees the shattering pictures of the rescue on television, he immediately sets off in search of his friend. He eventually finds him in a Spanish Red Cross station. But the economic crisis in Spain forces Paul to move on to Germany. Jakob Preuss now faces a dilemma: should he help Paul find a better life or should he remain true to his role as objective filmmaker?

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