Stillstand ©Goethe-Institut

Standstill in German film - the creative pause in life has always fascinated filmmakers. What happens when the characters "fall out of time," as in Relativity? When time simply stops? In Ulrich Köhler's In my Room, nothing is the same as before. Resting in place, not moving, taking a break: when you don't know how to go on anymore, you just stand still - like the main characters in Bungalow, Passing Summer and A Coffee in Berlin. Why we all think about standstill is the subject of the TV film Die Welt steht still (The World Stands Still), which describes the beginnings of the pandemic in Germany. Welcome to our summer film series “Stillstand”! Here you can stream the films, each on for one week, free of charge, with English subtitles. Unfortunately, only available in the US.