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What does Beethoven mean to you?

We asked friends and partners about their encounters with Beethoven and how they feel about him.

Beethoven Yellow© Maxim Abramov / Unsplash
Hilda Huang ©Huang

Hilda Huang

Hilda participated in a master class with pianist Robert Levin back in 2013 which we sponsored in cooperation with the Bach-Archiv Leipzig. She not only won the scholarship to travel to Leipzig to participate in the Leipzig International Bach Competition (and study German in Germany) and went on to win first prize at the competition. Hilda was scheduled to perform a concert of Beethoven works this fall (2020), which was postponed. We asked her to share her thoughts on Beethoven with us.

Bastien Rieser ©Rieser

Bastien Rieser, jazz trumpet

Bastien, born in Munich, studied jazz trumpet at Berklee College of Music and shared his music with us at the Goethe-Institut Boston during his time in Boston. He sent us his thoughts on Beethoven.

New England Conservatory Preparatory
Piano Students

Kingsley Chen © NEC Prep

Kingsley Chen

Veronica Choulga © NEC Prep

Veronica Choulga

Ellen Foreman © NEC Prep

Ellen Foreman

Ellie Grimes © NEC Prep

Ellie Grimes

Nicole Hu © NEC Prep

Nicole Hu

TZ Snail © NEC Prep

TZ Snail

Boston Symphony Orchestra

Elizabeth Ostling ©Ostling

Elizabeth Ostling, flute

Victor Romunal ©Romunal

Victor Romunal, violin

Jennie Shames ©Shames

Jennie Shames, violin