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Maryam Faridani Banner © Maryam Faridani


Free of charge > Free of care > Free of cost > Free of germs > Free of tax > Free of zone > Free of state > Free of rules > Free of burden > Free of pain > Free of disease > Free of germs > Free of lies > Free of truth > Free of words > Free of fear > Free of mind > Free of nets > Free of errors > Free of fault > Free of guilt > Free of harm > Free of love > Free of hate > Free of god > Free of Freedom.

Baad will be published on November 19.

Maryam Faridani

Maryam Faridani Portait © Maryam Faridani Maryam Faridani is an Iranian artist currently living in Chicago. By using moving images, installations and performance, she tries to explore how the given technical systems today leads to creation and maintenance of a particular set of social conditions as the environment of that system. Humor is an important aspect of her work as she finds it to be an effective way to talk about matters that are usually dark and bitter. She received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019 and holds a BFA in Theater from the Art University of Tehran.

Instagram: @maryamfaridani

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