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Hand reaching for another hand with doves flying between them© Dan Mohr/yes.i.said

Relay Freedom

What happens when nine SAIC alumni meditate on the topic of freedom?
How do they relay freedom? Can it be passed to the next person like a baton?
Can freedom be communal? Must it be individual?
RELAY FREEDOM -- is a series of video works by nine artists, curated by Mark Jeffrey. Starting November 12, a new artist will present their work on this website and the social media channels of the Goethe-Institut Chicago. Your reaction to these posts will serve as one model of how freedom spreads: is it via social media of an organization, via word of mouth, through the artist communities? Does it make a difference who knows about it, talks about it, shares it?

Screening & Performance | Apr 01, 6PM | Co-Prosperity Sphere & Online
Relay Freedom Abschluss Feier

In November and December Relay Freedom showed works by nine SAIC alumni that explored their understanding of freedom. Closing the series of videos and performances, we will gather on April 1 at Co-Prosperity Sphere with a screening of all works and some live performances that will also be available as a live stream.

Corey Smith © Corey Smith

12. Nov 2021
Corey Smith

I've recently been captivated by rhythms that are humanly unintuitive — arrhythmic, off kilter, too slow or too fast. Is there something free here, at the extremity of perception? What is the feeling of freedom in sound?

Maryam Faridani Banner © Maryam Faridani

19. Nov. 2021
Maryam Faridani

Free of charge > Free of care > Free of cost > Free of germs > Free of tax > Free of zone > Free of state > Free of rules > Free of burden > Free of pain > Free of disease > Free of germs > Free of lies > Free of truth > Free of words > Free of fear > Free of mind > Free of nets > Free of errors > Free of fault > Free of guilt > Free of harm > Free of love > Free of hate > Free of god > Free of Freedom. 

Nereida Patricia  Banner © Nereida Patricia

26. Nov. 2021
Nereida Patricia

Exhale Completely is a video poem that explores a mermaid’s sense of bodily constraint and freedom. What must we shed or leave behind to be our true selves? Artist Nereida Patricia poses as a mermaid herself, narrating a post-transformation meditation on how to find the ecstatic.

Helen Lee Banner © Helen Lee

03. Dec. 2021
Helen Lee

The performances I create often examine facets of trauma, racism, xenophobia, grief, shame, healing and meanings of home that are rooted in honoring, understanding and celebrating life, death, identity and ancestral lineage. 

Máire Witt O'Neill Banner © Máire Witt O'Neill

10. Dec. 2021
Máire Witt O'Neill

My work sits between dispute and mediation, both materially and inter-personally. Through multiple modes of communication, my work seeks to undermine constructs of a broadly defined 'authority'—striving for stability in groundlessness. My work is often not what it seems and exactly what it seems, simultaneously.

Michael Winfield Banner © Michael Winfield

17. Dec. 2021
Michael Winfield

To create
Live outside the norms.
Without fears.
Creating your own
Being. Without
Limits. Seeing
Yourself in others
Without Qualms
Freedom - Transcend - Go beyond

Sungjae Lee Banner © Sungjae Lee

07. Jan. 2022
Sungjae Lee

In an attempt to present and create space for varied presentations of masculinity, my practice brings attention to queer Asian men and their desires, which have been regarded as effeminate, desexualized, and thus invisible in the West.

Aram Atamian Banner © Aram Atamian

14. Jan. 2022
Aram Atamian

I make performance and lens-based work that represents the ways that fantasy infiltrates our experience of self, identity and geography. Specifically, my recent projects have focused on concepts of belonging within people living in diaspora, and how queer identities are expressed through re-enactment. 

Sal Moreno Banner © Sal Moreno

21. Jan. 2022
Sal Moreno

By using motion-capture in live performances, I am able to play and interact with visuals/sounds generated by the body in real-time, creating an exchange that further bridges the physical and the digital realms.