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New music 2019© Goethe-Institut Hanoi

New music

New Music is a respected staple of Vietnam’s cultural life. The Goethe-Institut promotes New Music through master classes and concerts for which we bring in experienced experts from Germany. During the pandemic, Vietnamese musicians cultivate their international friendships online, developing new forms of collaboration.

Vietnamese composers and musicians perform New Music on the national and the international stage. Composers like Kim Ngoc, Luong Hue Trinh, Pho Duc Hoang, and many others are drawing from a vast musical spectrum, referencing 20th century European music while also tapping the rich, multifaceted musical heritage of Vietnam. They pick up themes and tunes from Vietnam, tying both their messages and sound worlds into modern contexts and new sounds.
To do justice to this musical wealth, the Goethe-Institut promotes trailblazer events that explore new sound aesthetics. We trace the multi-faceted developments of the last century to the present day, which continue to consider Germany the homeland of music and of seminal importance to composition and performance.
During the pandemic, NEUE MUSIK highlights 20th-century compositions, bringing in outstanding musicians from Germany for master classes and joint concerts.