Internationale Deutsch-
Olympiade 2024

The IDO is legendary. Known as a major international celebration of the German language, the 2024 edition of the contest comes to Göttingen! Young participants will compete for the title of best learner of the German language and also embark on a journey of discovery through the green city of science. In national preliminary rounds, around 60 countries around the world are now preparing for the grand IDO final in Göttingen from 15 to 22 July 2024. It’s taking part that counts!

Werbebanner Internationale Deutscholympiade (IDO) 2024 © Goethe-Institut

Highlights from the national preliminary rounds

Around the world at a glance: Over 60 countries are taking part in the IDO and sharing their highlights from the national preliminary rounds. Discover more impressions and the participating countries in 2024 here

We're in!

Well done: These students have already come out on top in the national preliminary rounds thanks to their excellent German language skills. Click here for the portraits of all participating students and accompanying teachers from around the world.

Welcome to Göttingen!

The vibrant science and university city of Göttingen welcomes participants of IDO 2024 from all over the world. Whether they explore the medieval old town, stroll through its parks, visit cultural institutions or admire the city from above – over 100 young participants and 55 teachers from more than 60 countries have the opportunity to discover this fascinating city with its numerous points of interest and fascinating stories. One of these attractions is Göttingen’s beloved landmark, Gänseliesel (or “Goose Lizzy”). After completing their doctorates, university students traditionally climb up the fountain and present the city’s most famous resident with flowers. We’re excited to find out who will give flowers to Gänseliesel as this year’s winner of the IDO!

Review of the IDO 2022 in Hamburg: Highlights at a glance

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