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For Adventurers
A bisserl weiter... geht's immer

For adventurers Three months spent between morbid charm, arrogance and warmth: Sebastian Lörscher illustrates the Austrian attitude to life in ‘A bisserl weiter… geht's immer!‘ (A bit further... can always be done!)

Extracts from "A bisserl weiter... geht's immer":

"A bisserl weiter… ...geht's immer!" A bisserl weiter... © Sebastian Lörscher

About the artist Sebastian Lörscher:


As Sebastian Lörscher sat and drew on the streets in India, Haiti or Nigeria, people could look over his shoulder and ask what he was doing – and he could ask them questions, too. For him, drawing was always a door opener to the people and their stories.

Travelpedia: Österreich

  • Sebastian Lörscher: A bisserl weiter | Berge © Sebastian Lörscher (Detail)
    About 60 percent of Austria is mountainous, they make up two thirds of the Eastern Alps. Thanks to its high share of the high alpine mountains, Austria is also called the Alpine Republic. Almost 700 mountains over 3,000 meters! The highest is the 3,798 meter high Großglockner in the Hohe Tauern National Park.
  • Sebastian Lörscher: A bisserl weiter | Bauer © Sebastian Lörscher (Detail)
    In Austria, there are well over 9,000 farms that are run by families. Many of them invite you to a vacation on a country holiday. Up to two and a half million visitors come every year. At winegrowers' or riding stables, in the alpine hut or log cabin, for hiking, cycling or wellness.
  • Sebastian Lörscher: A bisserl weiter | Prater © Sebastian Lörscher (Ausschnitt)
    Fairground for many, place of nostalgic dreams for some, green oasis for almost everyone: the Vienna Prater in the 2nd district is in season from March to October. The Ferris wheel, Vienna's world-famous landmark and some other attractions are open all year round.

Jens Wiesner on "A bisserl weiter... geht's immer"

In other words, we should see it as pure luck that Sebastian Lörscher has not succumbed to the temptation of improving the sketches he did during his three-month journey ‘through Wild Austria’."


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Graphic Travelogues Graphik: Dominik Wendland © Goethe-Institut New Delhi

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