Kito Sino

Kito Sino (1967, Kurdish Syria) studied and earned a master’s title in Monumental Art in Moscow. He is an artist who reflects deeply about what he is doing, who delves as deeply as possible philosophically, and who wants his thought processes to be visible in his work. Important subjects for him are doubt and being in transit, both of which were clearly evidenced in his exhibition of meticulously small illustrations on the unprinted backside of train tickets, all drawn as he travelled by train though Belgium. Drawn with a BIC pen, Diversity & Art wrote in 2011 ‘his illustrations evoke unintended associations by Kito with Symbolism and Jungendstil, or Art Deco. They are small masterpieces without exception.’ Kito Sino works with a multitude of carriers: acrylic on canvas, stained glass, mosaic, sgraffito, train tickets, ceramics, wood, concepts, installations. He likes to work with discarded objects. These many media allow Kito Sino to experiment with many formal languages. Using different techniques and materials allows us to work out ideas with more imagination and depth. He likes energetic labour; fire, welding, hacking with hammers. The long-running war in Syria influences him, but from a great distance he can judge the situation more accurately.

Born in 1976 in Kurdish Syria, Kito Sino was influenced by his grandmother from a young age. She designed and weaved wool carpets, and added colour to them with a mixture of paints and clay. After graduating in Monumental Arts in Moscow, Kito Sino came to Belgium in 2000. His atelier is located in Schaarbeek and welcomes artists of different disciplines on a regular basis to exchange ideas. It is also regularly hosting literary evenings where writers and artists meet.  Currently Kito is collaborating in Enter Festival Brussels.