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German courses

Sitzende Menschengruppe mit mobilen EndgerätenFoto: Getty Images

Online assessment test

We find out what prior knowledge you have and which course is best suited to you via an online assessment test.

Levels A1 to C2

Our German courses are based on the levels of the Common European Reference Framework for Languages.

We have the ideal German course for everyone

Online courses

  • Flexible learning
  • Varied exercises
  • Fun and successful

Blended Learning

  • Fixed dates
  • Flexible self-study sessions
  • Learning as part of a group

Standard and intensive courses

  • Based on practical, everyday situations
  • Currently only available online
  • Learning as part of a group

Special courses

  • Broaden your language knowledge
  • Tailored courses
  • Learn as part of a group

Courses for children and young people

  • Age-appropriate learning methods
  • Active learning: speaking, reading, writing and listening
  • Learning as part of a group
For advice over the phone, call +32 2 2345785 Email kurse-bruessel@goethe.de

Our location

G​oethe-Institut Belgium

Avenue des Arts - Kunstlaan 58
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Further Offerings

German courses in Germany Photo: Chris Tobin, Digital Vision, Getty Images

German courses in Germany

Learn German successfully in Germany. Experience the culture, leisure, country and people!

Deutsch für dich Foto: Shutterstock.com, Rawpixel.com

Deutsch für dich

In the “Deutsch für dich” community you will find plenty of exercises to help you learn German free of charge, and you can share experiences with other members.

Onleihe - films © Goethe-Institut


Read German eBooks as well as digital newspapers, magazines, music, listen to audio books and watch movies through our Onleihe. The media offer focuses on current German fiction, non-fiction books on German history and politics as well as materials for learning and practising the German language (including easy reading texts).