Creative FLIP

Creative Flip

The culture and creative sectors perform various tasks for the economy and society. However, there are still structural problems which are holding these sectors back from achieving their full growth potential. The Creative FLIP project – co-funded by the European Union – is aiming to resolve this situation. Its main objective is to establish constructive and sustainable framework conditions in the fields of finance, learning, innovation and patenting for the cultural and creative sectors in Europe.
Over the course of the 28-month project term, the project partners will develop various research and pilot measures to improve the use of the finance and patent system and to ensure greater integration of the cultural and creative sectors into the European competence and qualifications framework. The project also seeks to strengthen the relationship between players in this sector and formal and informal education through peer-to-peer exchanges and innovative learning labs.
The Creative FLIP project is being coordinated by the Goethe-Institut Brussels as the lead partner and implemented together with the European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN), IDEA Consult, VVA, 3S and the Institut de la Propriété Intellectuelle Luxembourg (IPIL).