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A robot reads a book on artificial intelligence © Colourbox

Perspective future

The world is going through a phase of profound upheaval. The climate crisis demands a rapid and consistent change towards a sustainable way of life - and increasing digitalisation is changing all general conditions.
How do we want to live? How can justice be achieved for all generations?

Mappemonde Image: Shutterstock

Europe and the world

From feminism to the LGBTIQIA+ movement to postcolonial debates, people in Europe and around the world are demanding recognition, justice and participation. At the same time, these efforts are threatened by shrinking spaces of freedom, increasing radicalism and multiple crises.

What can living together in solidarity in inclusive, pluralistic societies look like? What role can Europe play here? 

Visual Comic-Residency Anna Haifisch 2021 © Anna Haifisch

Residency programmes

The Goethe-Institut wants to offer a "space for new perspectives" with its residency programmes and invites artists and cultural workers every year to live and work for a time in another country and another culture. Information in German, French and Dutch.


Sprechstunde - die Sprachkolumne © Goethe-Institut e. V./Illustration: Tobias Schrank

The language column

How does one find one's way around the rules of the German language, where do new words come from, and what are the most important changes in the use of the language - for example through digitalisation and sensitisation with regard to the gender issue? These and other exciting topics are the subject of our column on the German language.

Flix: The Humboldt animal Photo (detail): © Carlsen


Comics from Belgium determined the face of European pictorial history in the 20th century. Today, German comic artists are also searching for new narrative forms.

Key visual of Blog, engage, act! Ilustration: Tobias Schrank © Goethe-Institut

Blog, engage, act!

Young people around the world have been taking to the streets for more climate justice since 2018. What drives them? What ideas do they have for the future? And how do they get organized? Eight bloggers and activists from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain explore these questions for Blog, Engage, Act!


E-Reading Photo: Goethe-Institut/ Loredana La Rocca


The digital offers of our online library.

Goethe-Institut translation funding Photo: Goethe-Institut/Loredana La Rocca


A selection of publications to which the Goethe-Institut Brussels has contributed.


Our archive with approx. 900 important works of German film.