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Residency programmes

The Goethe-Institut wants to offer a "space for new perspectives" with its residency programmes and invites artists and cultural workers every year to live and work for a time in another country and culture. Find out more about our residency programmes in Belgium here:

Artistic residency 2023

portrait of Pamela Tulizo Pamela Tulizo

Artistic Residency
Pamela Tulizo

As part of the project Lives of Objects the Goethe-Institut and the Brusseler project space Enough Room for Space invited the Congolese artist Pamela Tulizo to Brussels. For four weeks, the artist worked on her photographic project, which renegotiates the iconography of the African woman throughout history by reinventing her representation.

Visual Comic-Residency Anna Haifisch 2021 © Anna Haifisch

Comic Residency Anna Haifisch

In 2021, we invited Leipzig-based artist Anna Haifisch to Brussels. For four weeks, she worked on her ongoing projects at the cultural centre ‘LaVallée’ in Molenbeek. Aside from studios and workshops, the centre also houses exhibition spaces.

Lasse Wandschneider © Marijn Degenaar

Comic Residency Lasse Wandschneider

Berlin-based comic artist Lasse Wandschneider worked on a new project for four weeks and exhibited it at the international comic festival Grafixx in Antwerp from 30 November to 2 December 2018.

Coatrack Comic Residenz © Sophia Martineck

Comic-Residenz Sophia Martineck

For this residency, the German comic artist Sophia Martineck moved her workplace from Berlin to the Belgian capital at the beginning of November 2017.