Comic-Residenz 2018: Lasse Wandschneider

Lasse Wandschneider Bild © Lasse Wandschneider

Brussels is the comic capital. To build a bridge between Belgium's diverse comic landscape and the emerging comic and graphic novel scene in Germany, the Goethe-Institut Brussels is organising a comic residency for the second time. The Berlin comic artist Lasse Wandschneider will work on a new project for four weeks and exhibit it at the international comic festival Grafixx in Antwerp from 30 November to 2 December 2018.

At the beginning of November 2018, Lasse Wandschneider moves into his workplace at LaVallée in Molenbeek. He is happy about the opportunity to devote himself to a new project in a foreign city, explains the young draughtsman and illustrator. For his time in Brussels, he is planning a publication that will be both a narrative about the city and a kind of documentation of his stay and work in Belgium. "At the moment I have something like individual drawn comic pages and a collection of collages in mind, which could end up being well presented in the exhibition in Antwerp." From 30 November to 2 December 2018, Antwerp will host the international comic festival Grafixx, where Lasse Wandschneider will present his work. In early November, he will also give a workshop for students at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels around Dorothy Parker's storytelling technique and how it can be worked up graphically.

was born in Lübeck in 1987 and grew up there. He studied illustration in Breda (NL), Prague and Berlin. Today he lives and works in Berlin as an illustrator for various media and projects at home and abroad. He is involved with printing techniques such as screen printing and risography, self-publishing zines, books and small print runs. His work explores the interfaces between comics and free drawings, abstraction and narration, naivety and clarity. He is interested in how the form of the comic - i.e. several consecutive images and the resulting temporal dimension, and the combination with text - can tell a story even with rather abstract images, and what a drawing conveys outside of what is depicted (i.e. for example only through line work or composition). His works can also be seen regularly in exhibitions, most recently in Berlin, Gerswalde, Prague, Hamburg and Portland. His publishing debut 'Regen' was published by Reprodukt in 2016.

The Comic Residency is an initiative of the Goethe-Institut Brussels, in collaboration with LaVallée (Brussels), DE Studio and the Grafixx Festival (Antwerp). The Comic Residency 2018 is made possible by the generous support of the Leibinger Foundation.