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Placement test

Quick online test

This test provides you with a quick, approximate idea of your existing level of German.
Please book the online placement test if you’d like to attend a course with us or one of our partners. 

If you require an internationally recognised certificate attesting your German knowledge, we recommend our Goethe certificate exams.

  • Approximate assessment of your German knowledge
  • duration 15-20 minutes

doesn't replace the placement test

Placement test

We carry out an assessment test to determine your existing level of German, to set a learning objective together and to select the most suitable course for you.

Register via “online placement test” and you will receive a personal access code. After submitting the online test, you will be contacted by telephone about the oral part of the test within two working days. You can then enrol on the appropriate course. 

  • Individual assignment to the appropriate course level
  • Exact result, e.g. A 1.2, B 2.1
  • Free