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Thinkathon Online Challenge

After 2 successful online Thinkathon events (Thinkathon Online Challenge and the Vancouver/Madrid Thinkathon: Smart & Fast Expanding Cities) it has been decided that the next Thinkathon will follow suit in order to maintain physical distancing in the age of the COVID19 pandemic and that the project can be carried out in safety.

In teams, youth from all over Canada and Europe will discuss and create projects that will help in guaranteeing a digitally inclusive future. These projects will focus on issues relating to Racism, Gender Equality, Health, Education and Climate Change. These topics are amongst the most pressing matters our world is facing right now. How can technology help to solve these problems? What new opportunities/possibilities are arising out of communcation technologies - and most importantly; how can we ensure that no one is left out of these discussions or changes? 


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