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Focus on Roland Schimmelpfennig

"Theatre—whether state-funded or independent—is the opposite of isolation."

Schimmelpfennig, Germany's most played dramatist, shares the opening passage of his debut novel, read in English and German by himself and in Spanish by actor Adriana Jacome. Find out more about author and his take on the future of theatre..

Man with hat and suitcase©Soulpepper Theatre
The African Trilogy©Volcano
Arabian Night © Volcano

Who is Roland Schimmelpfennig?

Roland Schimmelpfennig born 1967, is one of the most performed contemporary playwrights across Europe. He worked as a journalist in Istanbul and was engaged at the Munich Kammerspiele after studying directing at the Otto Falckenberg School. Since 1996 Roland Schimmelpfennig has been working as a freelance author. His plays are performed with great success in over 40 countries worldwide from Vienna’s Burgtheater to Tokyo's National Theatre. In 2016, his first novel "On a cold, clear January morning at the beginning of the 21st century" was published and which was shortlisted for the Leipzig Book Fair Prize. Up to now he has written three dozen stage and radio plays.

Roland Schimmelpfennig has been in Toronto as a guest of the Goethe-Institut many times. In 2010 the Goethe-Institut Toronto supported Schimmelpfennig's contribution to "The Africa Trilogy". 
Soulpepper produced his "Indomeneus" under the direction of Alan Dilworth in 2018, which was nominated for five Dora Awards. 


Schimmelpfennig Cold Winter © Verlag

Roland Schimmelpfennig Reads

Culture talks @ Goethe: Roland Schimmelpfennig reads

Berlin author Roland Schimmelpfennig reading from his novel "One Clear Ice-cold January Morning at the Beginning of the 21st Century".

Roland Schimmelpfennig Kalt Winter © Eischer

Roland Schimmelpfennig reads

Culture talks @ Goethe : Roland Schimmelpfennig reads in German

Berlin author Roland Schimmelpfennig reading -in German- from his novel "An einem klaren, eiskalten Januarmorgen zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts".

Roland Schimmelpfennig en Español © Periférica

Adriana Jacome lees

Culture talks @ Goethe: Roland Schimmelpfennig

Actress Adriana Jacome reads - in Spanish- from German author Roland Schimmelpfennig's book "Una clara y gélida mañana de enero, a principios del siglo XX".