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Brooklyn, NY, USA
[tag] by Karma

Karma© Karma, Photo: Luna Park

Wicked Ways in Philadelphia

There is a lot of controversy concerning the aesthetic value of tags, but their historical significance as the basis of graffiti goes undisputed. The North American city of Philadelphia has been known as the Mecca of graffiti for a long time, but most important are the Wickeds.

Wickeds are like noun and verb, good and bad, pretty and ugly, a single debate. They are considered a secret weapon against normative street art as well as the democratization and appropriation of street art by the one percent. It is said that Wickeds have existed since the 1970s. It is the simplest combination of hand, brain, heart and spray can. But they should not be glorified, because they are real cornerstones: refusing modernity and conventional aesthetics. And if you're honest, you only find them cool if they don't adorn your own wall. 
Philadelphia's street art scene has produced innumerable talents over the years, and once you've gotten used to the art and become fond of its typical long swings, confused details (think smileys? or peace signs??) and elongated arcs, you feel as though you become a part of it yourself. One of these talented artists is Karma, who can be identified by a complex handstyle from her hometown. Luna Park discovered her contributions in Brooklyn in 2016.

And here is a video of kad, one of the kings of the Wickeds style, from the Handselecta Channel on Youtube, on which graffiti handstyles are documented:

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