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Residency programs

A residence abroad gives artists the opportunity to gather valuable experience and inspiration for the further development of their work. A new environment and encounters with artists from other cultural backgrounds offer ideal conditions for expanding one's own creativity, inspiring the further development of artistic processes and helping to build an international network at the beginning of a worldwide career.

Joy Ritter and Lukas Steltner© Mike Rafail

The programs


Portraits, interviews and reports about our artists in residence and their work in the context of their residencies. We also introduce you to artists whose visits to Montreal we have supported outside a residence.

Joy Alpuerto Ritter & Lukas Steltner © Tomi Grgicevic

Joy Alpuerto Ritter & Lukas Steltner
Video: Heimkehr

Resident artists Joy Alpuerto Ritter and Lukas Steltner have worked on a duet with the title Heimkehr, in which they explored the consequences of a forced separation on a couple, inspired by stories and ordeals experienced by their family members during World War II. Learn more about this project with this video clip shot during the artists' stay in Montreal.

Kihako Narisawa (Choreographie) und Sonoko Kamimura (Tanz) in Montreal © Tomi Grgicevic

Kihako Narisawa (choreographie) and Sonoko Kamimura (dance)
Video: Figurative

The video shows the final presentation of our resident artists Kihako Narisawa (choreography) and Sonoko Kamimura (dance) in September 2018 in Montreals Circuit-Est. It is entitled Figurative, a study of the influence of culture on verbal and non-verbal communication.

Reisdenzprogramme des Goethe-Instituts weltweit

A group of dancers on stage © Unsplash/Maick Maciel

Arts funding and residencies

The Goethe-Institut promotes art and culture in a variety of projects in Germany and abroad. You can search by genre, funding type and duration.