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Regards Croisés© Thomas Bethge/Shutterstock

Crossed Glances

As part of the Festival international de la littérature (FIL)

With Catherine Mavrikakis (Quebec) and Pierre Jarawan (Germany)
Moderation: Stanley Péan
In collaboration with several of its foreign partners, FIL has decided to organize, for the second consecutive year, encounters between Quebec and European writers. These encounters will take the form of letter exchanges followed by virtual encounters between these authors during the 2021 edition of the FIL, which will be read and listened to in Quebec, France, Haiti, Catalonia and Germany.

The exchange

The English translation is still being worked on and will be published here on September 30, 2021.

Catherine Mavrikakis (Quebec)

Catherine Mavrikakis Catherine Mavrikakis | © Sandra Lachance Catherine Mavrikakis was born in Chicago in 1961, and is a Quebec writer and essayist. She has published eight novels, including La ballade d’Ali Baba, Les derniers jours de Smokey Nelson, Le ciel de Bay City, Oscar de Profundis and L’Annexe and is the author of an oratorio, Omaha Beach. She also writes essays, including Diamanda Galás, Guerrière et gorgone and L’éternité en accéléré. Her books have been translated into several languages and have won numerous awards, including the Prix des libraires du Québec and the Prix littéraire des collégiens.

Pierre Jarawan (Germany)

Pierre Jarawan was born in 1985 to a Lebanese father and a German Pierre Jarawan Pierre Jarawan | © Marvin Ruppert mother and moved to Germany with his family at the age of three. Inspired by his father’s imaginative bedtime stories, he started writing at the age of thirteen. He has won international prizes as a slam poet, and in 2016 was named Literature Star of the Year by the daily newspaper Abendzeitung. Jarawan received a literary scholarship from the City of Munich (the Bayerischer Kunstförderpreis) for The Storyteller, which went on to become a bestseller and booksellers’ favorite in Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Brazil. Song for the Missing is his second novel.

Last year's exchange

Regards Croisés © Thomas Bethge/Shutterstock

Letter exchange
Crossed Glances: Jennifer Dummer and David Goudreault.

Read here tje correspondence from 2020 between the Berlin blogger Jennifer Dummer and the Quebec author David Goudreault.