European Book Club

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Come and discuss the European book of the month! We're looking forward to seeing you!

Our European Book club meets regularly to discuss a contemporary novel from one of our literatures (Austrian, Catalan, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish, with the occasional guest literatures). The novels chosen are available as French (or English) translations, and the discussion takes place in French.

For up-to-date information on chosen works, please check this website regularly, or on our Facebook page!

We inform you in advance of the books to be read for the next book clubs. They are available at our partner bookstores (the Librairie Gallimard de Montréal and the Librairie du Square).

All the information regarding the location, moderation of the evening, etc., is communicated a few weeks before each book club meeting.

The next Book club

« Rosa Dolorosa » de Caroline Dorka-Fenech © Éditions de la Martinière

Book Club | Wednesday May 5, 2021 at 1:00 pm | Online
Lisez la littérature française !

Presented by Lisez l'Europe

Our upcoming book club will feature a French novel, and will take place May 5, 2021 at 1 pm through the online platform Zoom. The book chosen for this session is

"Rosa Dolorosa" by Carolina Dora-Fenech

The discussion will be held in French and moderated by Zoé Horgue, chargée de mission Arts et Culture au Consulat général de France à Québec, bureau de Montréal. The author will be present.

  • October 14 2009: Catalan literature. "The last patriarch" by Najat El Hachmi.
  • November 11 2009: German literature. "Measuring the world" by Daniel Kehlmann.
  • December 9 2009: Italian literature. "The Goodbye Kiss" by Massimo Carlotto.
  • January 13 2010: Portuguese literature. "The year of the death of Ricardo Reis" by José Saramago.
  • February 10 2010: Dutch literature. "Oeroeg" by Hella S. Haasse.*
  • March 10 2010: Spanish literature. "Canciones de amor en Lolita's club" by Juan Marsé.*
  • May 12 2010: German literature. "Silence" by Jan Costin Wagner.
  • June 9 2010: Catalonian literature. "A not so perfect crime" by Teresa Solana.
  • October 13 2010: Swiss literature. "Julius le Nomade de Schaffhouse" by Claire Oechslin.*
  • November 10 2010: Spanish literature. "The fencing master" by Arturo Pérez-Reverte.
  • December 8 2010: German literature. "The taste of apple seeds" by Katharina Hagena.
  • January 12 2011: Italian literature. "The killer in my eyes" by Giorgio Faletti.
  • February 8 2011: Catalonian literature. "L'últim home que parlava català" by Carles Casajuana.*
  • March 9 2011: Polish literature. "Travels with Herodotus" by Ryszard Kapuscinski.
  • April 13 2011: French literature. "Terre des affranchis" by Liliana Lazar.*
  • October 12 2011: Dutch literature. "The assault" by Harry Mulisch.
  • November 9 2011: Swiss literature. "Fremdschläfer" by Verena Stefan.*
  • December 14 2011: Spanish literature. "Plenilunio" by Antonio Munoz Molina.*
  • January 11 2012: Italian literature. "In the sea there are crocodiles" by Fabio Geda.
  • February 21 2012: Catalonian literature. "Paco" by Jacques Folch-Ribas.*
  • March 14 2012: Portuguese literature. "The murmuring coast" by Lidia Jorge.
  • May 9 2012: French literature. "Les insurrections singulières" by Jeanne Benameur.*
  • June 13 2012: German literature. “Crimes” by Ferdinand von Schirac.
  • October 14 2012: Spanish literature. "Dafne desvanecida" by José Carlos Somoza.*
  • December 12 2012 (cancelled bookclub): Swiss literature. "Across many mountains" by Yangzom Brauen.
  • January 9 2013: Italian literature. "Stabat Mater" by Tiziano Scarpa.
  • March 12 2013: Catalonian literature. "Tigres" by Gabriel Janer Manila.*
  • June 12 2013: German literature. "In times of fading light" by Eugen Ruge.
  • October 16 2013: Spanish literature. "El lector de Julio Verne" by Almudena Grandes.*
  • November 20 2013: Austrian literature. "The Radetzky March" by Joseph Roth.
  • December 11 2013: Portuguese literature. "O apocalipse dos trabalhadores" by Valter Hugo Mae.*
  • January 15 2014: Italian literature. "L'incontro" by Michela Murgia.*
  • March 11 2014: Catalonian literature. "Victus" by Albert Sanchez-Pinol.
  • May 15 2014: German literature. "The giraffe's neck" by Judith Schalansky.
  • July 9 2014: French literature. "Le liseur du 6h27", by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent.*
  • November 12 2014: Austrian literature. "Roppongi. Requiem pour un père", by Josef Winkler.*
  • December 10 2014: Spanish literature. "The infatuations", by Javier Marias.
  • January 14 2015: Italian literature. "Accabadora", by Michela Murgia.
  • February 11 2015: Norwegian literature. "Berlin poplars" by Anne B. Ragde.
  • March 17 2015: Catalonian literature. "La femme pressée" by Imma Monso.*
  • April 22 2015: French literature. "L'empreinte à Crusoé" by Patrick Chamoiseau.*
  • May 14 2015: German literature. "All Russians Love Birch Trees" by Olga Grjasnowa.
  • July 9 2015: Walloon literature. "La nuit sans fin" by Thierry Horguelin.*
  • October 5 2015: Portuguese literature. "Lisbonne mélodies" by Joao Tordo.*
  • October 28 2015: Catalonian literature. "Russian stories" by Francesc Serés.
  • November 11 2015: Austrian literature. "Le tabac Tresniek" by Robert Seethaler.*
  • November 25 2015: Walloon literature. "Patsy" by Éditions Trames.*
  • December 9 2015: Spanish literature. "Crematorio" by Rafael Chirbes.*
  • February 22 2016: German literature. "Vielleicht Esther" by Katja Petrowskaja.*
  • March 15 2016: Catalonian literature. "Les yeux fardés" by Lluis Llach.*
  • May 12 2016: French literature. "Celle que vous croyez" by Camille Laurens.*
  • June 9 2016: Spanish literature. "The Impostor" by Javier Cercas.
  • September 26 2016: Portuguese literature. "Les Mémorables" by Lídia Jorge.*
  • October 19 2016: Italian literature. "The Prague Cemetery" by Umberto Eco.
  • November 17 2016: Austrian literature. "Angel of oblivion" by Maja Haderlap.
  • February 7 2017: German literature. "The hottest dishes of the Tartar cuisine" by Alina Bronsky.
  • March 14 2017: Catalonian literature. "Confessions" by Jaume Cabré.
  • May 19 2017: Spanish literature. "The heart has its reasons" by Maria Dueñas.
  • October 18 2017: Italian literature. "One, no one, and one hundred thousand" by Luigi Pirandello.
  • November 22 2017: Austrian literature. "Cox, oder die Lauf der Zeit", by Christoph Ransmayr.*
  • February 13 2018: German literature. "Memoirs of a polar bear", by Yoko Tawada.
  • March 13 2018: Catalonian literature. "War, so much war", by Merce Rodoreda.
  • April 19 2018: French literature. "Le tigre bleu de l'Euphrate" by Laurent Gaudé.*
  • June 12 2018 : Spanish literature. "La carne" by Rosa Montero.*
  • September 17 2018: Portuguese literature. "Rebellion" by Cristina Carvalho.
  • October 10 2018: Italian literature. "Lehman Trilogy" (in Italian - English translation coming in 2020) by Stefano Massini.
  • October 16 2018: French literature. "Marx et la poupée" by Maryam Madjidi.*
  • November 22 2018: Austrian literature. "Two Gentlemen on the Beach" by Michael Köhlmeier.
  • February 19 2019: German literature. "Babylon Berlin" by Volker Kutscher.
  • March 12 2019: Catalan literature. "L'Altra" by Marta Rojals.*
  • May 3 2019: French literature. "Là où les chiens aboient par la queue", by Estelle-Sarah Bulle.*
  • June 6 2019: Spanish literature. "Hombres buenos", by Arturo Pérez-Reverte.*
  • November 19 2019: Austrian literature. "Die Rückkehr", by Ernst Lothar.*
  • December 3 2019: Italian literature. "La teologia del cinghiale", by Gesuino Némus.*
  • February 12 2020: German* literature. "The capital", by Robert Menasse (*Austrian writer, laureate of the German book prize in 2017).
  • March 17 2020: Catalan literature. "L'île de Maians", by Quim Monzo.
  • April 7 2020: Greek literature. "Rien ne va plus", by Margarita Karapanou.
  • Maz 13 2020: French literature. "L'école des soignantes", by Martin Winckler.*
  • November 5 2020: Italian literature. "La profezia dell‘armadillo", by Zerocalcare.*
  • November 25 2020: Austrian literature. "The Wall", by Marlen Haushofer.
  • February 10 2021: German literature. "What you can see from here", by Mariana Leky (coming out later in 2021).
  • March 10 2021: Catalan literature. "Brother in Ice", by Alicia Kopf.

    Note: book titles which are * are not yet translated into English.
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