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Lina Ehrentraut

was born in Neuss, Germany, in 1993. From 2013-2020, she studied book art/graphic design in the illustration class of Thomas Müller at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, completing with her diploma. Together with three friends, she works with the "SQUASH" team. As a collective they have been designing zines and comics, as well as holding readings and exhibitions since 2018. In 2019 she received the e.o.plauen Award.

Lina Ehrentraut© Damian Rosellen
Lina Ehrentraut© Lina Ehrentraut

"Without reconciliation, there would be no long-term relationships"

Can you tell us about what you wanted to convey with this piece of artwork? What were some inspirations or ideas you wanted to consider when you were creating it?
In my drawing on the subject of reconciliation, I primarily wanted to show the different emotions that always accompany reconciliation. When you reconcile with someone or something, it indicates that there was a conflict before. This conflict is resolved and the change of situation always bears the potential to further develop the relationship. I wanted to depict several people, because reconciliation is at all times connected with communication between people.
Why is reconciliation as a theme important to you?
Without reconciliation, there would be no long-term relationships of any kind.
Development and progression - both in one’s self and in relationships with others – often take place on the basis of resolved conflicts of any scale.
What was the creative process like in creating this artwork? (Do you map it out in a plan beforehand, do you work on text first and then illustration or vice versa? You can also talk about the medium or methods you use in creating the work.)
Most of the time I work in a very withdrawn and self-centered way. That's why I thought about situations with friends and how difficult most reconciliations are - but also how wonderful. To express these feelings, I used three different elements at work: The figures, smileys and abstract pictures - three pictorial elements that I use and develop again and again. 
In general, my way of storytelling is detailed and extensive and therefore slow, so I decided to produce a snapshot and not to use text. The situation is universal, thus there is no concrete space, everyone can feel familiar with it.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I make comics and I paint. Emotions play an important role in my paintings and stories. I also follow up with textiles and fashion. I enjoy combining all these things in booklet / book form – on my own or in collaboration with my team SQUASH (consisting of Malwine Stauss, Eva Gräbeldinger, Franz Impler and myself). Together we produce the SQUASH-zines on different topics.